Children With Special Educational Needs (SEN)


Families Of Children With Special Educational Needs Are Facing A Postcode Lottery To Get Help At Schools.

Around one in five children in England and Wales has special educational needs (SEN) and is eligible for extra help at school. BBC 5 live Investigation on this issue saw on average half of all requests by parents to get help are turned down.

The first step to getting help, over and above what can normally be provided in mainstream schools, is to request an assessment from the local education authority.

The investigation found when parents asked for an assessment they were on average more than twice as likely to be turned down as a school or professional making the request.

BBC 5 live Investigates contacted local education authorities in England and Wales and of the 125 which responded with figures from 2013/2014 – the last full academic year – the refusal rate for schools or professionals was 22%, but for parents it was 50%.

A very important point to note is that very few parents appeal if an assessment is turned down but for those who do the success rate is high.

We would say, if you as a parent applies and gets refused don’t give up.Go for an appeal.


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