Children with Autism Face ‘Illegal Exclusion’

The BBC recently reported that ‘Children with autism face illegal exclusions from schools in England. A charity called ‘Ambitious about Autism’ in a survey of 500 families, found four in 10 children had been informally excluded from school temporarily, which is illegal. The charity said children with autism were being asked to stay at home, miss school trips and activities and to attend lessons on a part-time basis.

Autism does affect the black community as well and the need for more awareness on Autism is needed because as a fellow Parent recently shared with us, “there seems that lack of understanding and a taboo to accept autism by many of my family, friends and associates from the Black community.”

There are many parents out there that has been affected by Autism and we must come together as a people and as a whole nation (regardless of race, culture or faith) to be more supportive, more understanding and more knowledgeable about Autism.

Vanessa has a website called where she shares more awareness of Autism.

The department of Education has said that:

All councils must ensure children are educated in a placement which meets their needs and we have been clear that schools have a duty to follow our strict rules when excluding pupils.

The department has also said they are spending over £3.5m on SEN co-ordinators in schools to provide targeted support to children with SEN, and have given the National Autistic Society £440,000 to provide advice to parents and teachers about how to support autistic children at school.

BBC news source:

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