A leading teacher has warned that children are starting school with the vocabulary of an 18 month-old because their parents are too busy to talk to them
According to the Telegraph, “Nearly half of 4 and 5 year olds at one school in Tottenham begin reception class knowing 30 to 50 words or fewer, Sir Robin Bosher said – a similar level of English seen in 18 month year olds.”
By four or five, healthy children can normally say 1500 to 2000 words.
Sir Robin said 57 out of 60 children who began at the school last September spoke no English, but this presents little problem for teachers as young children can become fluent in a second language within six months.
However, 25 children in the year had “no or hardly any” ability to speak any language whatsoever.
Reasons for the language deficit has been due to the higher number of children without English but more so the extent to which the families have the time to talk to children is reduced.
The example given goes to remind all parents of the importance to talking to our babies and toddlers. Many parents already do that but as we see in the example, not all parents do.
Talking and continuous reading to our children is so vital. Let’s create time, let’s make out time.
Yes we are busy, but why are we busy? We are busy because we want to provide for our children.
Remember, our provision is NOT all about the money but also about the TIME
TIME! TIME! TIME! Let’s give our children TIME!

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