Changes Introduced To the Marking System of GCSE Papers

According to the Telegraph, ‘One of Britain’s biggest exam boards – OCR – will launch a trial programme in an attempt to stop test scripts being marked by “exhausted” teachers at night after a full working day.’

This move comes in response to questionable accuracies of marking GCSEs and A levels in most recent times.

Did you realise that currently, nine-in-10 exam papers are marked by current or recently retired teachers and most of them mark these at home because of strict security requirements needed to stop scripts falling into the hands of pupils or other teachers?

I am personally surprised of the current system because can we just for one second imagine a current or retired teacher after a long day, he/she comes home with all the new issues at home to deal with, kids acting up, spouses saying the wrong things etc., moods can then change and then time to mark our children’s GCSE papers that they have been studying so hard for. No wonder recent figures published by Ofqual, the exams watchdog, found that a record 54,400 GCSEs and A-levels were re-graded this summer following complaints from schools.

Any change is welcomed and we will share with all parents the changes that will be put into place as we hear them.

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