Centre for ‘Gothic Studies’ Opens up In Manchester Metropolitan University

According to the Independent news, Academics drawn to the darker side have set up a centre dedicated to studying all things gothic in Manchester.

Apparently, Academics from across the university will arise in the mornings to feast together on the many forms of the Gothic “as it manifests itself in a range of literary, filmic, televisual and popular cultural texts”.

The director of the new centre and an internationally renowned expert on horror cinema explains that the “The public interest in the Gothic has never been greater.” And that “it isn’t simply a popular mode of entertainment. It is a powerful form of storytelling that tells us something about our deepest and darkest fears, about who we are as people and how our society works.”

They are offering an MA course in this study.

Parents, personally I am stunned at this but I thought it necessary for you to be aware of the things that are going on out there. When did anything Gothic become simply a mode of entertainment?

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