Busy Parents Struggle To Read To Their Children

Busy parents
Large numbers of hardworking parents currently struggle to read to their children and should probably get the help of grandparents advises Education Secretary-Nicky Morgan.

As parents, we do play a major role in developing our children’s literacy levels. We CANNOT leave it entirely to the teachers.

According to the report on telegraph online, ITV has established a campaign encouraging parents to share a book with their children for 10 minutes each day. Let’s take up that challenge as well. Some of you already do so, but many of us can also admit that we don’t it as consistently as we would love to.

Let’s give it a go, not only would our children benefit from it, but we would benefit it as well, that quality time spent can never be replaced or forgotten. It is so worth it. If you currently read to your children, please continue to do so and if you don’t read at all or don’t read as often as you would love to, then it is never too late to start. We would love to hear your experiences on the benefits you notice from this.

source: http://bit.ly/1qGgUSr

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