Black History Month

Black History MonthIts Black History Month! What does that mean to you and your family?

It’s really a time dedicated to reflecting on what past black heroes did, not just the struggles but their achievements and strengths. Honestly if those heroes never fought, stood their grounds in what they believed in, we won’t be here in our jobs, doing well and assimilating with mainstream. Our black heroes therefore deserve a month dedicated to remembering and sharing stories about them.

Our heroes believed in peace, in love and faith. They had a passion to do right. Let’s us continue to pass these on for the generations to come.

BHM is also about bringing and sharing our rich and diverse cultures and traditions with everyone irrespective of race. There are many events going on around a few boroughs. It will nice to take our kids and friends from other ethnicities and enjoy them.

Honestly look around and you will observe that kids who are aware of their cultures are more confident about themselves than kids that have no clue. It’s to do with having a sense of belonging. It is our duty as parents to teach our children and share only healthy and good morale traditions with them. Read old traditional tales with them. They love the Tortoise stories, make them laugh with songs and dance moves that they think it’s weird but it’s part of tradition. Let’s make it fun for them.

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