Benefits of Storytelling for Our Children

Parents did you know that this week is the 14th annual National Story Telling Week (2nd Feb to 8th Feb)?

Story telling is probably one of the most ancient forms of communicative arts. They say story telling started way before writing. It has been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education and instilling morals.

Apparently many parents are finding very little time to spend with our kids due to the busyness of life but we want to remind us all of the wonderful benefits our kids get from storytelling.

The benefits of storytelling include not only mental benefits but also educational and social benefits for our children.

We can either read out a story to our children or just tell them a story from memory.

  • Storytelling is the basic training for academic learning
  • Storytelling helps increase our children’s memory capacity when we ask them to remember the stories that we read to them.
  • Storytelling helps increase knowledge in our children, they get to learn about other people, other cultures and get to have ideas of accepted behaviours
  • Storytelling introduces our children to new vocabularies that they would not normally use at home
  • Storytelling enhances our children’s listening skills. We know our kids love to talk so much, here storytelling them gets them to relax and listen. This also helps them listen more in class and not be disruptive in class.
  • Storytelling encourages our kid’s use of their imaginations and creativity.

Let’s be creative when reading or telling our kids stories. We can change our voice pitch at some points, change our accents and just make it fun. They value whatever time we spend with them. Let’s not allow the busyness of life deprive us from this valuable stage of our children’s lives. Time is flying, and they are growing, soon they will be introducing you to their future husbands and wives. :)

Let’s make the most of NOW. Let’s stay in the habit of Storytelling!

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