Ban Smacking – Says the Children Commissioner for England

According to a recent BBC news article, Maggie Atkinson the current Children’s Commissioner in England has called for a total ban under which parents could face criminal action.

Under current laws, mild smacking is allowed but any which causes visible bruising, grazes, scratches, swellings or cuts is not.

Ms Atkinson justifies her view on the total ban with this statement:

Personally, having been a teacher, and never having had an issue where I’d need to use physical punishment, I believe we should move to ban it.

She goes on further to state that actively campaigning for a ban would not be a priority. She is concerned of the thin line to draw between the mild smacking and the when it is taken too far into Physical abuse and suggests it should just be totally banned.

The Question for Parents

What is your take on this? Is the current law on mild smacking good enough or should they be a total ban on smacking?

Also can Ms Atkinson’s justification really stand, bearing in mind that Parents relationships are different from teachers relationship


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