Are You A Positive Parent?

“Did you know that children’s abilities in Maths and English are more closely linked to their parents’ views of their ability than to their test scores in these subjects, even when the scores dramatically contradict the views of the parents?”

Apparently our views as parents have a BIG impact on our children. The impact is huge with younger kids so it is quite handy to start as early as possible speaking positively into our children’s minds.

I recently read that -‘To be a good learner, your child needs to have positive views about learning and about his chances of success in learning. These views come from YOU.’

Keep telling them that they are great in their school subjects, show enthusiasm in their learning. Even if you had bad experiences at school in your days, try and stay away from the negatives and share more of how you turned it around to become the great parent that you are today.

You are a great parent and your children will believe your positive views.

If we want our children to be positive, we MUST be and REMAIN POSITIVE.


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