Alternative School League Table Plans

Head teachers across the country want more information provided on school league tables and are now proposing to have a separate league table from the official performance published by the government.

The current league tables’ shows exam results in Maths and English and ignores achievement in music and sports. It also shows only the pupils first entry in the exams and not the final results (this was done to deter schools from entering younger pupils to take early exams and having to retake it later to get better grades.) Heads’ leader Brian Lightman said the current league tables “do not tell the whole story”. “We want parents to have access to data they can use in a format they can use it,”

Parents deserve to be given stable, accurate and neutral information about schools.

The planned alternative league tables would be published by schools earlier than the official league tables and the plan is to begin with secondary school results from this summer’s GCSE exams. This will be published on a free website. PBUP will keep an eye out for more information on this and share with you once we know it.


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