Access to Top Universities ‘Still Linked To Family Income’

A study by the Sutton trust charity warns that that exam results alone cannot explain why wealthy students are much more likely to get into top universities than those from working class families.

It was claimed that Students from working-class families are around three times less likely to get into a top university than their richer peers despite often having the required A-level grades.

According to the Telegraph, The study warned that many bright teenagers from poor homes were opting for lower ranking universities rather than striving for the top institutions.

It suggests that many gifted pupils may be deterred from applying to good universities in the sixth-form or fail to get the support needed from teachers or parents.

The study also warned that the high cost of university may have an impact as well.

As Parents we need to be involved in the choices our children are making and find out why those choices are being made.

If teachers or friends have suggested certain universities for our children, are we able to justify why those universities?

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