About Us

Parents of Black UK Pupils (PBUP) is an intended parent specific organisation. It was established to inspire and mobilize parents with resources to help improve and close the academic achievement gap for black UK pupils. Whilst the focus is primarily on the black UK pupils, the purpose and intent of PBUP is inclusive not exclusive. All Parents are encouraged to participate.

Fact: In the past 5 years, the percentage of GCSE’s passes (A-C including English and Mathematics) amongst black UK pupils on average have been below the national average and resulting in an academic achievement gap compared to other ethnicities. (See link below – Academic Achievement Gap by ethnicity in the UK)

View Academics Achievement Gap by ethnicity in the UK

Good News: These average pass rates have increased tremendously over the years, with many of our kids raising the success flags and passing their GCSEs with flying colours.

Mission: Our mission as parents, guardians or carers of black UK pupils is to help close the academic achievement gap and keep the average scores consistently up to and above the national average.

How: We will accomplish our mission by Participating in & Empowering our Children’s Educational Development.

“We need to participate in our children’s educational development. It cannot be left to the schools alone.”

“Empowering our youths isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.”

When we fully participate in our children’s educational development, we empower them. An empowered child is a child that is going somewhere.

We aim to use this forum/blog to share and welcome necessary information/advice and suggestions that parents should be aware of. Now is the time for a change and we can start that change by being the change. Stand, Start or Continue to encourage our children, reminding them of the importance of their education, supporting them, being interested in their grades and homework, for your teens, what subject sets are they in? Listening to them, asking questions and giving well thought of advice. Where you have questions, feel free to share it and hopefully there would be a parent out here who could answer your question or redirect you the right person.

It is time for us to come together and increase our involvement.

Let’s make a difference by being the difference.