A Reminder of Why ‘Parents Of Black UK Pupils’ Was First Set Up

As we start the year 2014, it is necessary to remind and refresh our minds on why ‘Parents of Black UK Pupils’ platform was formed. This reminder will help refuel our passion for our mission.

  • ‘Parents of Black UK Pupils’ (PBUP) is an intended parent specific organisation.
  • It was established to inspire and mobilize parents with resources to help improve and close the academic achievement gap for black UK pupils.
  • Whilst the focus is primarily on the black UK pupils, the purpose and intent of PBUP is inclusive not exclusive. Information shared is for all and all Parents are encouraged to participate.

MISSION: Our mission as parents, guardians or carers of black UK pupils is to help close the academic achievement gap and keep the average scores consistently up to and above the national average.

HOW: We will accomplish our mission by Participating in & Empowering our Children’s Educational Development.

When we fully participate in our children’s educational development, we empower them. An empowered child is a child that is going somewhere.

It is time for us to come together and increase our involvement.


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