A Primary School Introduces Unisex Toilets to Prevent Transphobia

A primary school in East Sussex has introduced Unisex toilets in the school in an apparent bid to ‘prevent transphobia’

According to the Telegraph report, ‘Angry parents have complained and pupils were shocked to discover they had to share the ‘gender neutral’ toilets at the start of the school year. Many parents say their children do not want to use facilities split with the opposite sex and it makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’.

A spokesman for Harbour Primary School in Newhaven, East Sussex, said: “As part of the rebuilding work a decision was taken to install toilets which could be used by boys or girls, with lockable cubicles. ”Unisex toilet blocks are considered preferable in terms of hygiene, maintenance and pupil behaviour.

Parents what is your take on this? Would you want your 7 year old girls mixing with 11 year old boys in the same toilets?

For me personally, there is no valid excuse for that.

source: http://goo.gl/EypQcu

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