A level Success


FOUR A*s!!!!!! You heard it right 4 A*s!!! When I hear amazing stories like these, I leap for joy not just for the story now but for more stories like this to come from this. Sharing this kind of news is part of what I do and do passionately. Inspiring Ten2Teens every day to become these types of stories and more is my life. Congratulations to Joseph as he gets ready to go to Cambridge to study medicine after achieving A*A*A*A*. Congrats Joseph!

As parents, we are so proud of this young boy and we will help to continue to share stories like this to inspire our teens. Check out

www.ten2teensmagazine.com. Inspiring Teens every day. We INSPIRE tweens and teens to BELIEVE better in themselves and go out there and ACHIEVE. phinnah@inspiringten2teens.com


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