A-Level History to Introduce Broader Topics

New History topics are to be introduced at the A levels stage (OCR Exams). The aim is to give greater scope to the 5th most popular A level subject.

The current A Level History has been criticised for being “for being too repetitive and having a 20th Century Western focus”.

New history topics amongst many others will now include:

  • African Kingdoms: 1400 – 1800
  • The Rise and Decline of the Mughal Empire in India: 1526 – 1739
  • The Rise of Islam: 550 – 750
  • The Middle East, Ottomans to Arab Spring: 1908 -2011

We love this part of the article, OCR’s head of history Mr Goddard said the African Kingdoms topic, developed with university experts would “give students, for the first time, the chance to discover the economic and political power of four pre-colonial kingdoms which had far-reaching global trade and diplomatic connections”.

It’s very vital for our children to know that the Pre-colonial African kingdoms had political and economic powers proving that our history was not always all about slavery alone.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-27477149

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