A ‘Hands Off’ Approach to Our Children’s Education Is Very Detrimental

EVERY parent desires that their children succeed in life, but the key difference in the results of these desires appears in the approach of the parents. Parents who have a ‘hands off’ approach to their children’s education help widen the achievement gap of our kids and we need to keep highlighting how important being involved in our children’s education is.

One of the popular excuses parents who have a ‘hands off approach’ often come up with is that they have to go to work. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to work, but when we come back home from work and spend over 2 hours on the phone chatting or 6 hours in the kitchen cooking or watching TV shows rather than spending time with the children over homework, asking how their day went, how was the test results from the test they did the week before, then there is a bigger problem.

I have often asked this to parents who use work as an excuse ‘why do we work? The answer is normally to provide for our children, to put a roof over their head, to pay the bills. The answers are all valid and correct but there is something else missing, what about the welfare of our children’s education? Why is that not often included in the answers? It’s very easy to leave our children’s education to the responsibility of their schools but parents! that is so detrimental for our kids. Our children deserve so much better. Our children love it when we are involved. We make our children proud to know that we know about their school and all that they do.

We must ALL have a ‘Hands on Approach,’ whether we understand the British educational system or not, we must get involved in one way or the other. It is never too late to start; it is never too late to ask questions.

We love our children so much; let’s demonstrate that love by having more of a ‘hands on approach’ on their education. They are depending on our involvement to help them mature, to help them become independent, to help them become role model citizens in our societies. Let’s do the right thing!

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