A Child’s Background More of a Deciding Factor to Elite Universities

A recent study has suggested a child’s background rather than their academic ability is seen to be a bigger deciding factor in getting to the top university. According to a report on BBC Education news,  “Academics at the Institute for Fiscal Studies looked at 8,000 children who had been high-achieving at 11 in primary school. By the age of 16, these children were behind average achievers from wealthy families, Nine hundred of the 8,000 high-achieving children went on to an elite university.

The study concludes that ‘Bright school children from poor backgrounds can be so easily lost in the secondary school maze and overtaken by less intelligent pupils from middle class families.’

A child’s background is measured by: the school type, free school meals status during secondary school and an index of socioeconomic status measuring the deprivation of their neighbourhood.

At PBUP, we do not share these statistics to scare parents or put us off, it is shared as a motivational tool. Statistics like these are meant to be broken and it takes knowing about them to do something about them. So parents, let’s keep a close eye on our children and their performances as they go into the secondary schools. They won’t be lost in the secondary school maze as long as we have our eyes on them. We must keep the same or even a higher zeal and interest in what our kids are up as they go into that next level in September.

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-28055538

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