8 Weeks to Go For Your Child’s SATs Tests

This year, the SATs tests are taking place between 12th-16th May of children in Year 2 and Year 6. These SATs tests are not just tests for schools to keep our kids busy, they are actually a key milestone in your child’s individual learning journey.

SATs results will show you and the school how far your child has come, how they compare to the national average, and in what areas they might need extra support in the future. They will also be used to determine sets and learning goals going forward.

Most schools will try and make the tests week and environments as relaxed as possible but children can get stressed about the facts that they are formally tested. What we as parents must do as well is to make sure that they are prepared for it.

According the ’the school run’ website, “The fact is the more prepared your child feels to answer the different types of questions they’ll be faced with in the tests and the more familiar they are with the layout of the test papers, the more confident they’ll feel and the better they will perform on the day.”

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