Monthly Archives: September 2017

Your Family

Your family is your STRONGEST corporation Make the investment of time in it, with it and for it. Then watch and enjoy the GROWTH, MATURITY and the IMPACT your time will have on your family.

Starting in October

‘Every Teenager is one caring parent away from being a success.’ Please note that the word CARING is NOT about how much you buy for them. It is more about how how well you COMMUNICATE with them. Communication Coaching for

Keeping a Healthy Balance in Life

Dear Amazing Parents, By now all our children have settled into their new classes or schools. Routines are back on the burners and the school/home schedules are now central in our households. These can also come with the stress that

Worry-Free Way to Start Secondary School

Dear Amazing Parent, Every child who has just started or is about to start Secondary school has a worry of some sort. These worries can sometimes be wrongly dismissed by parents and we conclude that they will get over it.

Back To School Week

Dear Amazing Parents, Welcome to our BACK TO SCHOOL week. I trust you all had a wonderful summer break. By today, most of our Tweens and Teens have gone back to school and hopefully settled in. One of the principles