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Video Games and Your Tween or Teen

Do You Feel That Your Tween Or Teen Plays Too Much On His Video Games? Hello Dear Amazing Parents! Last night on our face book page, we chatted on this very matter (question above) and had lots of participation from

Parent Communication Mistakes to Avoid in the Exam Seasons

Hi Amazing Parents, Happy back to school season to you. This week, on ‘Supporting Parents of Tweens and Teens,’ (SPOTT) we recognize the fact that indeed both exams and end of year tests season has quickly come upon us. While

2017 Advice to Teen Boys and Teen Girls

As part of our next Magazine issue for Tweens and Teens coming out soon, we have a section dedicated to YOU. The 50:50 project is aiming to have at least 50 men and 50 women give advice to teen boys

Day 5: Parenting Truths

Parents! Did you know that the way you communicate with your children can either help build them up or literally tear them down? Constant Criticisms from Childhood has stopped many adults today from pursuing their dreams. Let’s help turn that

Day 4: Parenting Truths

As parents, our roles of being our children’s first teachers NEVER expires. It is NOT wise to leave that role at any point especially when they start school. WHY? Because a child educated only at school is an uneducated child.

Day 3: Parenting Truths

You have NOT failed as a parent if your child is not doing that great in school. You have NOT failed if your child is not acting right. You only fail when you quit on your child. Give him/her a

Cyber Bullying – WEBINAR

Hi Amazing Parents, Cyber bullying is on the increase and as the dedicated parents that we are, we do not want our children to become victims of this crime. The answer is not necessarily to take away every device from

Be Less Judgemental

As parents, we all have various and different burdens to bear. Let us therefore NOT be too quick to judge other parents and their parenting styles. We don’t know what they have to face every day. Be Kind and Supportive