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How to deal Backchatting / Backtalking from your Tweens and Teens

Dear Amazing Parents, On this week’s FB live video, we talked about how we deal with backchatting/backtalking from our tweens and teens. Back-talking is one of the top complaints that parents of tweens and teens agree that they face very

The Benefits of Apologizing To Your Children When You Do Wrong

Dear Parents, this week we are highlighting the benefits in apologizing to our children when we do wrong. The facts: It is not something that many adults experienced growing up. It is something that I hear many teens say ‘not

Pitfalls of Comparing Our Children

Dear Amazing Parents, This week, I shared a video on the pitfalls of comparing our children as a means to motivate them or correct them. Please do watch it when you can and come back with questions. We did answer

Cyber Bullying – Parent Must Know

WHAT EVERY PARENT MUST KNOW ABOUT CYBER BULLYING Happy New Month Amazing Parents, Did you know that Cyber Bullying affects many of our tweens and teens? What is Cyber Bullying? Cyberbullying” is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented,