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Back 2 School (B2S) Motivation Webinar

The holidays are almost over for most Tweens and Teens and it’s time to get some motivation kick start before they head back to school. I have arranged a webinar to speak to every year group from year 6 to


BACK 2 SCHOOL (B2S) MOTIVATION WITH PHINNAH CHICHI via Webinar FOR EVERY SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENT Your new school year is around the corner. Some of you are excited and some are not but I want to share with your year

Your Parent

Your parents may not have had it all, they may not have done it all, they may not have known it all BUT one of the things they got right was having YOU. You are here today and the world

Encourage Your Children‬

Our jobs as our children’s encouragement source never expires. in the past week, we witnessed our A level princes and princesses receive their results. By this Thursday 25th Aug our GCSEs stars will receive theirs. Continue in your encouraging pursuits

A level Success

FOUR A*s!!!!!! You heard it right 4 A*s!!! When I hear amazing stories like these, I leap for joy not just for the story now but for more stories like this to come from this. Sharing this kind of news

To Every Teen

As we get closer to the result days for both A levels and GCSEs, it’s time to reopen those conversations with our teens on how valuable they are. No results can replace their value to us and as parents we

Explaining WHY

Explaining WHY you have said or done something is very vital to the successful communication with your Teen.

True Sign of Great Parenting

The true sign of great parenting is not actually in the child’s behaviour BUT in the behaviour of the parents. This is a point worth realizing as many parents do sometimes find themselves question themselves when their children make different