Monthly Archives: May 2016

Respect and Kindness

The BEST and ONLY effective way to teach our children about Kindness and Respect is to be Kind and Respectful ourselves. They learn better by watching you.

Lift your head up

Lift your head up and step out today with the confidence in who you are. You are worth it. Believe it and the world will believe it too.

Exam – Best Wishes

Wishing our Teens the very best as they start their exams today.Parents! Let’s continue to encourage them to stay positive and stay expectant for the best.

SATS Tests for All Year 6 Pupils Starts On Monday The 9th Of May 2016

As we start the last weekend before our children face their SATS tests, it’s the time to remain calm, help get rid of any anxieties or worries that our children may have and be their number 1 encourager. Here a