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Yelling Silences Your Message

Parents do you think that yelling ALWAYS silence the message or do you think that there are genuine situations where yelling reinforces the message? Yes,yelling ALWAYS silences the message No yelling does NOT always silence the message There is a

Do You Know What Apps Are on Your Children’s Phones?

Technology has grown at a speed beyond imagination in the last 20 years. It is becoming widely common for our children as young as 10 years old (or even less) having their own phones. While I am certainly not advocating

Children’s Social Skills

As Parents, we must make sure that we NOT only focus on our children’s academic achievements BUT on their social skills as well. An achiever WITHOUT social skills cannot STAND OUT and be counted in our society today.


COMPARISONS ruin Good Parents. Be YOU! Stay open to learn new things and new ways BUT NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PARENTS. When we compare ourselves to others parents,it stops us from being the parent that we are meant to

Happy New Month to you!

Happy New Month to you! Happy New Beginnings! It’s a time to look forward and DO. I am very passionate about our youths and I will always DO my best to see that they get inspired EVERYDAY. I cannot do