Monthly Archives: February 2016

Children Memory Bank

EVERY day of our lives, we make deposits in the memory bank of our children. – Charles Swindoll

Good Character

Amazing Parents

To ALL YOU amazing parents who wake up each day and give it your best- WELL DONE

Character Development – A GOOD Character is key

To EVERY Parent-No matter how smart and intelligent our children can be, without a GOOD CHARACTER that intelligence cannot be sustained. Our children will ONLY learn and embrace this more by watching our own characters.

Friday Fitness chat for Amazing Parents

As YOU chase your dreams, working hard and keeping the family going, do NOT forget your HEALTH. Without a good health, you deny your children and you the chance to enjoy the best you. You are an amazing parent and

All About Life

Friday Facts For Parents: While we try to teach our children ALL ABOUT LIFE Our children teach us what LIFE IS ALL ABOUT and what matters the most. Don’t waste the OPPORTUNITY that this TIME gives us.

Don’t Play It Safe

If you play it SAFE your whole life, YOU will never reach your full POTENTIAL. Step out of your comfort zone and YOU will be AMAZED with what YOU have on the inside.

Raise your WORDS not your VOICE

Raise your WORDS not your VOICE. It is the rain that grows flowers NOT thunder. – Rumi