Monthly Archives: December 2015

7 Things Every Child Needs To Hear

Never get tired or bored of saying these. In a world where negative words and negative stories tend to linger and spread very fast, your child needs these assurances from you. You are their first role models. They are looking

Last School Day for 2015 – We Are So Thankful

Today is the last school day of this term and the last school day of this year 2015. Wow! We have all come a long way. Our children have all grown both in height, size and in wisdom. We are

Inspire a Teen Today

When we inspire teens, we inspire the future generation- Play a part and be counted among those who made a difference in a teen’s life. You do not need to have a teen to impact a teen. Be an inspiration.

Gone Too Soon- What Can Parents Do To Help?

ONLY 17 years old and stabbed to death this month already?? As our hearts go out to the families of Gary Scott, what can we do as parents? We are getting fed up of these stories. We are not meant