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Supporting Our Children’s Education in This New Term

As the new term begins in about a week’s time, our children’s new teachers will be planning and working hard to make sure that all our children are progressing but with many schools having an average number of at least


Congratulations to all our GCSE students who received their results yesterday and a big well done to you parents who were not only very supportive but also a big rock and shoulder to lean on during times of doubts and

#‎Fitnessfriday‬ “It Is Never Too Late To Begin”

Making healthy choices means making wise choices. We want to see and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work we have put in to make sure our children all succeed. Staying healthy is key to seeing those dreams come

Are We Really Doing Enough To Help Our Kids Safe Online?

While the internet has many great resources, it can sometimes be a source of worry for many parents. We may think that we are very tech savvy, but are really doing more to keep our children safe online? It is

Clean Sweep with 4 A*S in Chemistry, Physics, Maths & Pure Maths

Toyosi Sadare, 18, got four A*s – the highest possible grade – in chemistry, physics, maths and pure maths. Toyosi, who attended the sixth form at Oasis Academy Enfield, in north London, said: “I am so pleased – all my

Result Day

We wish all of our A-levels students and parents the very best as they receive their results today #‎ResultsDay‬

Prevent Summer Brain Drain for Your Children

Did you know that many children ‘unlearn’ half of what they’ve learned in the year by the end of summer holidays? Apparently it is an actual fact, with many studies that show pupils who are given the same test before