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Gone Too Soon

TOO YOUNG TO DIE: So young! So young! Is all I thought of when I heard of Bobbi Kristina’s death yesterday. As parents, children leaving us so soon is not good news at all. Our children are meant to outlive

Congratulations to all our children who have graduated and come to the end of a great school year

I had a talk with the year 6 pupils and their parents yesterday at a leaver’s celebration, giving them 3 main points to take with them as they step into new territories; Stay true to yourself- by holding on to

I am depending on YOU

Don’t raise your children to have more than you had, raise them to be more than you were.

Friday Health Inspiration

Your dreams are valid so run for your dreams but guess what? your dreams require you to have a good health to stay its course. If you cannot be bothered about any form of exercise to your body, then really

Happiness Is Essential In Education

Head teachers should show that they can be human and can join in the fun in front of pupils, parents and teachers, a leading independent school head has said. Sir Anthony Seldon, said that if heads were “cold, distant, unkind