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Make Sure Your High Achieving Children Have a Balanced Life

According to this report from the Telegraph, titled; Pushy parents are ‘fuelling laddish culture at universities’, Jeremy Thomas, a speaker at private schools on mental health, says students arrive unable to deal with the real world. He stresses the dilemma

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s day! To all Fathers! We love and appreciate you for all that you do and all that you are doing. Sometimes we get too busy and don’t often tell you but know this that you are special. Your

Back chatting to Adults is Very Wrong

With most exams over or almost over, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about issues that we assume our children should know better. Back chatting is becoming very common among teenagers and is the fastest route

The Mastery Curriculum: A New Curriculum in Our Primary Schools

Dear parents, just as you all thought you were getting the hang of the UK Education system especially in primary school, with the levels 1-5 and even level 6, there are a few changes coming up. We are embracing the

Is Homework Essential For Your Children?

It has been recently reported that Cheltenham Ladies’ College is considering getting rid of homework amid fears about growing levels of stress among its pupils. The school, where 92 per cent of GCSE grades were A* or A last year,

Happy New Month to all!

Happy New Month! Parents. Wishing you the best today as you get back into your school run routines. Continue to be your children’s strongest support. Bless them with kind and encouraging words. This group knows and trusts that you are