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‘Outsource Marking’ To Cut Teachers’ Workload

Teachers could reduce their workload by outsourcing the marking of pupils’ school work to staff overseas, suggests a leading education researcher. Rebecca Allen, director of Education Datalab, says research has found “incredibly reliable” marking available overseas costing £2 to £3

Single Sex Education

Single sex education is better for teenage girls as it takes the pressure off them to try and impress boys in a “sexualised world”, the headmistress of one of Britain’s best boarding schools has claimed. Speaking to the Telegraph, she

This Is Not the Time for Assumptions

This Is Not the Time for Assumptions – It’s Time to Talk against Drug Use with Our Children: With recent reports showing that hundreds of schoolchildren as young as eight have been caught with drugs on school premises. It is

When you believe in people

When you believe in people, you can make them rise above what they believe of themselves or what they believe about their capabilities Our children need to hear from us that we believe in them, we see great potentials in

Students Should Take Some Time Out During Studies

Experts has suggested that students should schedule some down time to make sure they are able to keep going during the long revision period. “It’s very difficult for young people to keep going during the exam period. It’s like running

National Primary School Offer Day

Best wishes to parents of three and four year olds who get their primary school offers today. We know the pressure will be on as you open your emails. We keep our hopes up for you, hoping that you will

Sometime You Win

SATs Tests Are 4 Weeks Away – How Can Parents Help?

As we round up from the Easter break holidays, here is gentle reminder of what many of children will be facing when they get back to school. Some children will be taking SATs (year 2 & 6) and many others