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Joke of the Day: One Direction

Joke of the Day: Sharing a parent’s response to the recent news that Zayn has left the group, One Direction: Child: Mum! Zayn has left One Direction. Mum: Which direction did he go? North, South, East or West #OneDirection #1D,

Naughty pupils could be more at risk under academies

‘Naughty pupils could be more at risk under academies,’ report warns. Badly-behaved children or students with special needs could be more likely to be expelled under academies because of their freedoms on admissions and exclusions. According to a new policy

Children With Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Families Of Children With Special Educational Needs Are Facing A Postcode Lottery To Get Help At Schools. Around one in five children in England and Wales has special educational needs (SEN) and is eligible for extra help at school. BBC


“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.” Its World Book Day today – a great opportunity to celebrate books and reading with our children. This should NOT be only a school celebration; we can have activity/activities

National Offer Day

Our hearts are today with all parents who probably did not have a full night sleep anxiously waiting to find out which schools have been allocated to their year 6 children. Best wishes and also remember to check with your