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Your Childhood Days

PARENTS! WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT YOUR CHILDHOOD DAYS TO YOUR CHILDREN’S EXPERIENCE IN TODAY’S WORLD? My children sometimes refer to my childhood days as ‘The olden days’ or they use words like ‘In your generation!’ as if I am 100 years

Sex Education ‘Should Be Made Compulsory in Primary Schools’

According to the Telegraph online, Education Select Committee calls for sex education to be compulsory in primary and secondary schools amid fears over the sexualisation of children by the internet. A report by the Education Select Committee has called for

The encouraging and truthful words

The encouraging and truthful words from our children are priceless. We love you kids and are so proud to be your parents- PBUP. I feel my most beautiful when I’m at home, and my daughter says, “You’re the best mommy.

We Are All In This Together

We are all in this together, and together we must continue to strive for the very best for our children and ourselves. In reference to new figures published by the Department of Education showing that Black pupils on the whole

A Parent’s concern: “In reading, other children are doing better than mine. What can I do?

We have learnt that learning to read is NOT a race and parents must be careful not to get too competitive on their children’s behalf. Children will vary in how rapidly they take on reading almost like they vary in

Parents can make a difference

Education Is The Key Out!

EDUCATION IS THE KEY OUT! You can make somebody rich, but you can’t keep them rich. The way we move our children out of poverty is to give them an education. Education is so vital. We will always say this