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Parents of Black UK Pupils says a big THANK YOU to all of you for being part of our 2014’s experience. We are looking forward to sharing 2015 with you. Have a very Happy New Year!

End of Year Family Meetings/ Catch-ups

Have you had your end of year family meeting? Or will you have it later on today? Family meetings are a fun way to re-bond and re-commit with the family. We find the end of year meetings as milestones to

Talk! Talk! Talk!-Talk More to Your Children and Less on Your Phones

There is a growing concern that many children are starting school unable to talk properly. Gary Larkin, president of National Association of Head Teachers says this concern has grown because many children spend too long in forward-facing buggies while their

Sleepovers! What Are Your Views On Sleepovers?

During the holidays, sleepovers are very common and can cause frictions between kids (especially teens) and their parents. For many parents, sleepovers are a no-no while for others it’s not a big deal. We came across some rules for sleepovers

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Parents of Black UK Pupils

Explaining How A Primary School Is Classed As Underperforming

I read this part of the article from Telegraph online and thought it was best to share this with parents. ‘The government set a benchmark last year that all schools were supposed to ensure at least 60 per cent of

Teen’s Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know

Check this out! CNN’s digital correspondent, Kelly Wallace, has compiled a list of some internet acronyms widely used by savvy teens on social media and texting apps. Many of us may think that because we know LOL and OMG, we

Primary School Grades and Attendance Are Very Vital To ‘Target Setting’ At GCSE

I attended a Year 10 parent’s workshop at my son’s school last night and we were reminded of some of the determining factors used in setting the targets of our children’s GCSE grades. Did you know that your child’s primary