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Esther Okade – 10 year old genius

Esther Okade is a 10 year old genius from Walsall who has scored top of the class grades in both Maths GCSE and A level. According to the Birmingham mail, the youngster first passed Maths GCSE with a C-grade at

Should We Have Compulsory Sex Education For Seven Year Olds?

Currently Sex Education is compulsory in UK schools for all pupils aged 11. Recently however, the Lib Dem has suggested that primary and secondary schools should offer compulsory sex education to children as young as seven. Do you agree with


As the new term begins in about a week’s time, our children’s new teachers will be planning and working hard to make sure that all our children are progressing but with the recent news of many schools having an average

GCSE Success Story

A massive well done to 16 year old #topgirl Orlane Doumbe, a pupil at St.Matthew Academy, Blackheath whose GCSE results were 6A*s and 9As and has received a scholarship to do her A levels.

Mum Faces Court Threat Over Cancer Girl School Absence

According to a report on BBC Education online, the mother of a seven-year-old girl who battled cancer is being prosecuted for not sending her to school. She has been summoned to court after failing to pay a £60 fine for

GCSE Results Day 2014 (21st Aug 2014)

Our children’s GCSEs results which they worked so hard for is finally coming out this Thursday the 21st of August. While many of them may be anxious and showing it, they are some that may be cool on the outside

Parents worry their child won’t make friends at school

In a recent survey by Charity Action for children, it found that many Parents worry their children will not make friends when they start at school for the first time. In this survey of more than 2,200 British parents, 33%

Rest In Peace Little Angel

Our hearts go out to the family who lost their 6 year old daughter, Bolutito Shodipe after her mum accidently hit her in a car park in west London. It is such a tragic accident and we cannot begin to