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Employers Prefer ‘Soft Skills’ Rather Than Technical Knowledge In Graduates They Recruit

A study shows that Employers look for graduates who are good at communicating, a team player, confident and analytical more than a graduate who just has the technical knowledge. The Employers however take technical knowledge more importantly after at least

Cambridge University Admissions Says

Cambridge University Admissions Says ‘Perfect Performance ‘Is Unnecessary In Their Interviews. Cambridge University has released 2 videos to help potential and aspiring students who are thinking of applying to their University. The video is aimed to erase out pre conceived

Will It Be All Work, All Play Or Both During This Holiday?

As the summer holidays are now in full swing, what are you doing to keep the kids occupied and not bored? How much play time, chill out time and reading time are we allowing for our children? The saying ‘All


Dear Parents, a big well done for all that you do with and for your children. They may be too young or not matured or bothered to show you their appreciation, but trust us, they can see all you are

Smoking, Drink and Drug Use among Secondary School Pupils Is Down

Figures show that between 2003 and 2013, regular smoking fell from 9% to 3% of 11 to 15 year-olds. Regular alcohol drinking dropped from 25% to 9% and the number of pupils who said they had taken illegal drugs also

Graduate vacancies set to increase this year

This is great news. UK employers are predicting an increase of 17 per cent in graduate vacancies this year but the Association of Graduate Recruiters are concerned that many roles could go unfilled. In 2013, according to the report, 23

Many Children Are Unable To Hold A Pencil or Sit Still At the Age of Five

An expert in early education, Sally Goddard Blythe has suggested that all infants be given a physical check at age 5, as we live in a time where too many children are starting school unable to hold a pencil, still

Extra Training to Assist Girls at Risk of FGM

According to a report on the BBC education online, Teachers, doctors and social workers will be given extra training to hello them identify and help girls at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) Some facts about FSM: The partial or