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Our children are depending on us to pave the way for them. We cannot give up, we must continue to press on and be a fantastic role model to them. Let them see us work hard, Let them see us

Sunday Inspiration- 29th June- ASK YOURSELF

Sunday Inspiration: “Ask Yourself if what You’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be Tomorrow.”-Unknown Time is flying by without any notice. What do we want for our tomorrow and what are doing about it

Attainment Among Black Pupils On A Smashing Rise: Government Reform And Parents Have Helped Achieve This

The Government has produced a report showing the country how much our children have improved and how the educational achievement gap has narrowed dramatically. As parents of black UK pupils, we are VERY proud of our children and even though

Good Parenting

Good Parenting does NOT mean giving our children a perfect life. It means teaching them how to lead a good and happy life in our imperfect world.

5 Steps to Be a More Confident Parent

THINK POSITIVELY ABOUT YOURSELF: A positive attitude makes a whole lot of difference to feeling confident. Whether you are going to work, going for a school run, visiting your in-laws- Go out with confidence. Smile, say hello and dwell on

Some Teachers Opt For Safe Topics Rather Than Challenge Pupils!

A leading headmistress, Bernice McCabe has challenged many teachers who she thinks are falling into ‘familiar routine’, opting for safe topics rather than challenge pupils and failing to stretch themselves in the classrooms and staying in their comfort zones. Mrs.

Are You A Positive Parent?

“Did you know that children’s abilities in Maths and English are more closely linked to their parents’ views of their ability than to their test scores in these subjects, even when the scores dramatically contradict the views of the parents?”

How Can We Help Our Children To Achieve Their Highest Potential?

“Potential is not what people have done, but what they can do that they have not done yet.” It helps to be aware of your children’s ability so that your help and support matches up with where they are and