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Rest in Peace – Maya Angelou

When an elder dies a village loses its library ~ African Proverb


According the Association of Colleges (AoC), 70% of young people trust their parents for job advice; however the report argues that parent’s views can often be out of date. “Parents can push their children towards careers that are seen to

2014! Sees a Massive Reduction in the Number of Early GCSEs Entries

According to reports from the Telegraph, fewer teenagers are being entered for early GCSEs at the age of 14 or 15. According to the regulator, pupils aged 15 or under have been registered for 505,000 GCSEs this summer compared with

Ramarni Wilfred – 11 Yr Old with Higher IQ than Einstein

CHECK OUT AN 11 YEAR OLD WHO IS SAID TO HAVE AN IQ HIGHER THAN EINSTEIN! Ramarni Wilfred at 11 years old has been told he has a higher IQ level than Steven Hawking, Bill Gates and even Albert Einstein.

A-Level History to Introduce Broader Topics

New History topics are to be introduced at the A levels stage (OCR Exams). The aim is to give greater scope to the 5th most popular A level subject. The current A Level History has been criticised for being “for


PBUP Event – A Thank You Note

Thanks to EVERYONE who was able to make it to our first Breakfast meeting yesterday! The Speakers and the guests all had a fantastic and inspiring time. We heard from both a current head teacher and an ex head teacher,

More 11-Year Olds Entered For the Super SATs Test (LEVEL 6)

According to the Telegraph, figures from the Department for Education show a dramatic rise in the number of pupils being entered for “level 6” SATs exams designed to mark out the brightest 11-year-olds. Apparently the number of 11-year-olds being entered