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Students Opting For Inappropriate Courses

Today, the 31st of March is the deadline for Universities to offer places for the coming academic year 2014/15. A research has found that, that despite the increased fees in Universities, students may be opting for inappropriate courses due to

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!

Your daily love, Your daily sacrifices, Your daily support and care for your family and loved ones are much appreciated. Well done for all that you do. On days when it seems that no one cares, trust me, your children

Four-Year-Olds to Be Tested Within Days of Starting School

The Department for Education says that as part of a new accountability system, four-year-olds in England will face new school assessments in the three-Rs from 2016 onwards. This means that basic literacy and numeracy tests will be introduced for around

Should Parents be fined for allowing their children skip school?

YES: It is disruptive to our children’s learning NO: The law is a bit too strict IT DEPENDS: It depends on the situation, the law should be for repeated absences (i.e. parents turning a blind eye truant playing kids) Check

An Increase In The Number Of Parents Fined For Letting Children Skip Schools

According to telegraph, official figures recently out have shown that the number of parents being fined for allowing their children to miss lessons rose by more than a quarter last year. A crackdown on mothers and fathers who pull their

NUT Strikes

NUT Strikes: Today is a National Teacher’s Strike with most schools closed for the day, and not only are pupils affected, millions of us as parents have been affected as well. What choices have you had to make today with

Shereka Marsh

Our heart goes out to the parents and family of a 15 year-old schoolgirl, Shereka Marsh shot dead at a house in Hackney on Saturday March 22nd. A 15 year old boy has been charged with the murder. What is

‘White means pure’ singer Dencia defends Whitenicious

Here is the YouTube video of the channel 4 segment that I was part of, last night. Personally I am not about slagging people off, people have their opinions and so does Dencia but my point was that the message