2014! Sees a Massive Reduction in the Number of Early GCSEs Entries

According to reports from the Telegraph, fewer teenagers are being entered for early GCSEs at the age of 14 or 15. According to the regulator, pupils aged 15 or under have been registered for 505,000 GCSEs this summer compared with 842,000 in 2013 – a decline of 40 percent.

This is mainly due to the Department for Education overhaul of the school league tables, with the change that all GCSE exams will be sat at the end of the two-year course for the first time in 2014 – cutting out bite-sized modules and preventing pupils repeatedly re-sitting papers.

Previously, schools have been keen to enter pupils early for exams, allowing them to “bank” a good C grade before moving on to other subjects in the final year. It also gives pupils more time to resit if they fail to get a good mark first time.

This change means that only pupils’ first attempt is counted, discouraging schools from entering children “early and often” for exams.

Okay, this makes sense to me now because I was beginning to be concerned about why my Son (14yrs) was not put in for any early GCSE exams. I always had the impression that it was the smart pupils that were put in for it and if my son was not chosen, then what does that tell me? This article makes me understand that it is no longer encouraged. The new change is making our kids wait for their right time, when they are fully ready and fully prepared to take the exams. I get it now, no need to panic.

Phinnah Chichi

source: http://bit.ly/1tp1m5b

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