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2013 Reflection and Appreciation

As we reflect on the year 2013 on this last day of the 2013, I want to say a big THANK YOU to ALL OUR LOVELY PARENTS who have joined us in this journey to help empower our children’s educational

Ban Smacking – Says the Children Commissioner for England

According to a recent BBC news article, Maggie Atkinson the current Children’s Commissioner in England has called for a total ban under which parents could face criminal action. Under current laws, mild smacking is allowed but any which causes visible


“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret. – Jackie Joyner-Kersee As we spend these last few days in 2013 reflecting on what we did, what we could have done, what we had planned

Small Daily Improvements

Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long term results. In an era where there is a crazy illusion for instant success, it is easy to take for granted and not appreciate the small improvements that we have all

Sunday Inspiration: 22nd Dec 2013

“The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more things you’ll have to express gratitude for” Zig Ziglar. Staying grateful for what we have now is key to having more to be thankful for. We have woken up

School Places Shortage to Receive £2.4bn Extra

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced a further £2.35bn has been announced to create more school places in England, as schools struggle to keep up with pressure from a rising population. The extra money is in addition to £5bn

Primary School League Tables 2013: Hundreds of Schools below New Targets

Last week, the department of education (DfE) released the primary school league tables for 2013 and it showed that hundreds of schools missed their targets. About 767 out of more than 15000 schools in which their year 6 pupils took

‘Good Schools’ – A Top Priority to Move Homes for Professional Parents

According to a BBC education news report, A study by the Sutton trust suggests that about one in three (32%) professional parents in England has moved to an area they consider to have good schools, 18% had moved to live