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What challenges have you had for personalizing your children’s education?

WHAT challenges have you had with the extra time needed for personalizing your children’s education and what have you done, what are doing or what will you do about it? We appreciate you sharing this with us. You’d be helping

Conclusion: Ways to Give Your Kids a Personalized Education: Part 2

The Internet: The internet has a wealth of good information. Browse the internet together with your kids and read more on the difficult areas that they have. The extra interactions help our kids know that we care for them and

Ways to Give Your Kids a Personalized Education: Part 1

There is no doubt about this fact, that education is very vital. Our kids’ education is too important for any parent to ignore or take lightly. A fact to acknowledge and accept is that the school systems are not designed

Never lose hope

Centre for ‘Gothic Studies’ Opens up In Manchester Metropolitan University

According to the Independent news, Academics drawn to the darker side have set up a centre dedicated to studying all things gothic in Manchester. Apparently, Academics from across the university will arise in the mornings to feast together on the

A Charity Warns That Pupils Behind At the Age of Seven Fail To Catch Up

Children who fall behind at school before the age of seven are likely to stay behind, the charity ‘Save the Children’ has warned. The charity analysed 2012 data on the performance of pupils at schools in England. It shows the


Words have tremendous power for good or for ill They can inspire or expire. The choice is ours. We can: Choose to heal or choose to wound Choose to affirm or choose to reject Choose to praise or choose to

Schools to Support Pupils with Long Term Health Needs

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson a few days ago announced an amendment to the Children and Families Bill that places a requirement on schools to make arrangements for supporting pupils with medical conditions. This means school will be required