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Summer Holidays – A Time to Play or A Time to Study?

According to the BBC, a recent survey suggests that schools may be out but many parents are unwilling to let their children have a holiday from studying at all. More than a quarter plan to hire tutors to prevent the

Rise In Primary Pupils Being Expelled- Evening STD Paper 25/7/13

According to recent figures from the Dept. of Education, the number of primary school pupils being expelled from schools has risen. The figures according to the Evening Standard are a 14% rise in young children being thrown out of the

Unnecessary Act

My heart was broken last night for the family of Joseph Burke-Monerville (Murdered Twin Brother ) featured in last night’s Crime Watch BBC1.(25/7/13) I just could not understand the reason for this callous murder. A hardworking University student, just on

Day 5: The week’s final Lesson on Discipline for our children

Enforce the rules consistently. What brings a smile today shouldn’t bring a slap tomorrow. Inconsistency weakens your authority and breeds disobedience in them. Here are some things to shun: Avoid comparisons. No child should be expected to be just like

Day 4: A Lesson on Discipline for our children

Explain the rules clearly. Punishing a child over a rule they don’t understand just makes them resentful. The fewer your rules the better-just make them understandable, doable, and observable. ‘Preaching’ and moralising only creates resistance (Source: Word for Today)

Day 3: A Lesson on Discipline for our children

Failure to enforce law and order to gain short term popularity with our kids always ends up costing us their long term respect. (Source: Word for Today)

Day 2: A Lesson on Discipline for our children

Expecting young kids to work out for themselves what’s right and wrong is a burden they shouldn’t have to bear. Their neurological and moral equipment isn’t sufficiently developed yet for such responsibility. Children learn to make good decisions from the

Day 1: A Lesson on Discipline for our Children

Everyday this week, we will be sharing reminders or quotes on the benefits of discipline in our homes. Day 1: A Lesson on Discipline for our Children ‘Children who are a joy to live with don’t get that way by