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Suffolk schools to begin partnership with Hackney I thought this was quite an interesting article. RECAP: Due to the poor performances of schools in Suffolk, Suffolk council is intending to team up with Hackney Council to create more radical shift in outlook by exposing schools to

What is the 11 Plus?

The 11 Plus is a selective entry examination for certain secondary schools that children sit during their school Year 6. The exam is a means of testing children from an academic perspective and has no bearing on their SATs or

Decoding Secondary School Subject Levels in Details

Secondary school years are a very important time for your child and you. This is not the time to say ‘oh they are independent now, they can sort themselves out’ Having an understanding of their school levels gives you a

Understanding Your Child’s Results

From the National Curriculum table we provided, we see the curriculum is organised in blocks as follows: Early Foundation Stage (EYFS) – Covers up to compulsory school age (5yrs) Key Stage 1 – Year 1 and Year 2 of

Editorial Comment by The Voice Newspaper about PBUP

Editorial Comment by The Voice Newspaper about PBUP

The Voice Newspaper featured us

The Voice Newspaper featured us in this week’s issue May 16th- May 22nd.

National Curriculum – Key Stages

The National Curriculum is organised into blocks of years called KEY STAGES (KS). At the end of each key stage, your child’s teacher will formally assess their performance to measure your child’s progress. Click here to download National Curriculum –

THE RELEVANCE OF SATs (Standard Assessment Tests)

SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) are not just for compiling school league tables. They are important for four main reasons: SATs tell you the knowledge you child has gained SATs tell you how far your child has come SATs tell you