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It’s essential that schools work hard to reduce inequality

What we love about the writer, Sameena, is that she shares our passion to close achievement gap. Read her article fully. It is worth reading. Her brief summary of what happened to her in school is very common amongst parents

White British children outperformed by ethnic minority pupils, says thinktank

A parent of PBUP, Ifeanyi C, shared this article with us. Thanks Ifeanyi C. The relevance of this article cannot be undermined as it shows that children from certain ethnic minorities do perform above average. It is very positive and

Teachers ‘expect less’ from black, middle-class pupils – study

A parent of PBUP, Angela Ebby shared this article with us. Thanks Angela E. Researchers at the Institute of Education, University of London, spoke to 62 black Caribbean parents about whether their race and social class made a difference to

Christian Nnochiri (2012 A Levels)

Christian Nnochiri, 18, (left) who attended Mill Hill County High, in Barnet, became the fourth generation of his family to join the prestigious institution. He follows in the footsteps of his Nigerian father, maternal grandfather and great grandfather. Nnochiri, who

Pre-School Education

What parents and guardians do makes a real difference to children at pre-school levels. There are a range of activities that parents do with their children that have a positive effect on their development, stretch their minds and help gives

Key stage 1 SATS (Year 2 Pupils)

At the age of 7, our children are required to take tests. There is absolutely no pressure put on our young children at this stage. These tests are primarily to enable teachers to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses

Key stage 2 SATS (Year 6 Pupils)

Changes to KS2 SATS IN THE LAST 2 YEARS THAT MAY INTEREST YOU Education Secretary Michael Gove, back in 2011 said that the Key changes to the Key Stage 2 system will make it fairer for all and more effective

Across the Pond: A single mother’s journey thus far…

Growing Pains At age 18, I was a rebellious teenager, self centered, disrespectful and I never listened to a word my mother use to say. Each and every weekend, I was either clubbing or just purposely hanging out with my