150,000 Infants to Receive Catch-Up Classes in Reading

According to figures from the Department of Education, more than 150,000 6 year –olds will be given extra reading lessons to help bring them up to the expected reading standard, after failing a basic literacy test taken after a year in school. The results showed that showed that boys were significantly less likely to accurately read a list of basic words than girls. It also emerged that poor white British boys from working-class families were officially the worst-performing group, lagging far behind their peers from Indian, Pakistani, black Caribbean, black African and Chinese families.

150,000 is a large number we would say. What is the reason for this? Are parents just too busy to read to their children these days? Are the pressures of life to blame or could we put it down to lack of motivation from parents?

source: http://goo.gl/DBAxue

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