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Do you have Advices/Ideas to share with other parents or questions to ask? Please send us an email at, and indicate if you want this posted online with your name or as anonymous? We look forward to hearing from you. Your advices, ideas or questions could go a long way in helping other parents. Love is in sharing More »


Here we share Information that we need to know for our pre-school and primary pupils. We would immensely appreciate contributions from all especially educators in the UK school system. More »

Pre School

Do you have child/children between the ages of 2-5? Then this category is for you. What should our kids know at this stage? How can we help? More »

Primary School

Do you child/children between the ages of 6-11? Here is your category. What should our kids be doing in this stage? How can we help? More »

Secondary Education

Okay this is it! This category is dedicated to parents of preteens and teens in the Secondary Education between the ages of 11-18. We have more work to do, so let’s get started. What do we need to know and what can we do to help? More »


We all need to get inspired in one way or the other. More »

Inspiring Stories

Do you have an inspiring story to share? It could be a story of survival, a story of turnarounds, a story of sheer determination and courage, a story of love, a story of hope or a story of forgiveness. More »

Inspiring Quotes

Do you have inspiring quotes to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Inspirational quotes are short snaps of real life lessons that sometimes make us say A ha! More »

Young Achievers

Black UK Pupils who outperform in GCSEs and A Levels. This category goes to show us that a lot of black UK pupils do perform very well. We want use this category as point of reference and also a motivating point. More »

Health Blogs

“A healthy attitude is contagious but do not wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.”-Tom Stoppard. Health is wealth. Our health is very important. Let’s share vital health information. More »


Events such as workshops and seminars for parents will be announced and promoted here. We learn and are encouraged by each other. There are plans for PBUP to organise some inspiring events for parents, so do look for these planned events. More »

Parents Talk

Talking is big feature of being a parent. We are either talking to our children, talking to our families and friends about our children or even talking to ourselves about our children. Here we share vital ideas, advice and discuss related press articles. Be part of the talk. More »

Press Articles - For Discussion

Have you recently read an article in the press that relates to our children education? Please feel free to share with us. We would acknowledge you for that, appreciate the share and discuss the article. More »

Have a wonderful Christmas

On behalf of Parents of Black UK Pupils, we want to say that you are all amazing, and we very proud of you. Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family and a fulfilled New Year!! More »

How to Ace Your Exams

Hi Amazing Parents, Is your Teen about to take their mock exams or are preparing very hard for their GCSEs, A Levels or other big Exams. You have the paid the personal tutors and you have insisted on the importance

Daily Affirmations – Paperback Copy


Bridging the Gap Video Series

Bridging the Gap video series is 12 months series of videos made for tweens and teens, teaching, encouraging, inspiring and supporting them as they grow through and go through life. I cover topics that are not necessarily taught in school


Good morning Amazing Parents, As parents of Tweens and Teens, you earn your long lasting Influence in their lives through RELATIONSHIPS rather than AUTHORITY. Many parents misplace their influence in the lives of their teens because they have focused more

Reminding and Reassuring

REMINDING and REASSURING our Tweens and Teens are part of our daily RESPONSIBILITIES as parents. Our daily Communication with them has NO expiration dates no matter how busy we are.

Teens/Tweens Online Coaching

Dear Amazing Parents, Are you worried that you don’t know what your teens are exposed to on the internet or their phones? Are you worried that they are not fully equipped with the right tools to beat peer pressure? Are

Your Family

Your family is your STRONGEST corporation Make the investment of time in it, with it and for it. Then watch and enjoy the GROWTH, MATURITY and the IMPACT your time will have on your family.

Starting in October

‘Every Teenager is one caring parent away from being a success.’ Please note that the word CARING is NOT about how much you buy for them. It is more about how how well you COMMUNICATE with them. Communication Coaching for